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Ultimate Lunchbox Hacks

We've collected together some of your best lunchbox hacks - How many have you mastered?

1. Fun with shapes

Use cookie cutters to turn square sandwiches into interesting shapes

2. Disguise fruit and veg, shhhh...

Cut back on some of the added sugar in your recipe and mix grated carrot or courgette into delicious home made muffins to sneak in some extra veggies

3. Make some healthier crisps

Pre-make a batch of delicious vegetable crisps in the oven. Sweet potato, carrots, parsnip and beetroot will last for days in an airtight container

4. Sad to bin the crusts?

Cut off the crusts before you make the sandwiches and whizz them up into breadcrumbs, or why not give our NO Crusts loaves a try

5. Go Bananas

Use cocktail sticks to send secret messages for lunchtime with bananas

6. Good things come in small packages

Kids love miniature things, these bitesize pinwheels are perfect for little hands

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