Recycled Content Trial

Proud to be the first bakery brand to use recycled material in its bread bags

We’re committed to finding ways to address the plastic waste challenge and make a positive difference to our planet.

We’ve been working with our supplier to create a bag for Kingsmill 50/50 No Crusts made using 30% recycled plastic (mass balance). By doing this, we are helping to reuse and recycle valuable used plastic material and reduce the amount of new plastic that has to be created.

For now, this is just one of our products, but it’s an important step that shows how we and our packaging suppliers are working together to bring about much needed change.

Scroll down to find out more about mass balance.

Recycle me, again

Did you know that all of our bread bags are recyclable in store? Flexible plastic packaging represents more than a fifth (22%) of all UK consumer plastic packaging, but only 6% is currently recycled*

Many larger UK supermarkets accept bread bags (as well as other soft plastics) for recycling at their stores, with collection points usually found near the main entrance. We really need more soft plastics to be recycled so that there is more material available to make bags with recycled plastic in the future.

* WRAP: Creating-a-circular-economy-for-flexible-plastic-packaging-Roadmap-2025-v2May21

More about our bags with recycled plastic

These bags are made using a technology called advanced recycling which upcycles used and mixed plastic to create plastic with the same purity and quality as traditional virgin material.

Our supplier’s materials are produced using a mass balance accounting system and certified by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC+) program, which establishes transparent rules for tracking the material across the supply chain, from the waste collector and processor, all the way to the printed bag. The amount of certified recycled plastic created is equivalent to the amount of recycled feedstock used in their process.