Kind to our Planet

Did you know bread bags are 100% recyclable?

Did you know that all of our bread bags are recyclable? Many larger UK supermarkets accept bread bags (as well as carrier bags) for recycling at their stores, with collection points usually found near the main entrance. Taking your bread bags along to your local supermarket is a great way to play your part in looking after the environment.

Watch this space…
We’ve added a recycling logo to all of our bread bags to make it clearer that they can be recycled and we’re always on the look out for new packaging innovations that have a positive impact on the environment.

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Sustainable farming

Did you know that at Kingsmill we use flour from our own mills? We always aim to buy home grown wheat and recently our millers have been looking at how that wheat is grown. They’ve set up a project working with 9 UK farms over 5 years trialing sustainable farming practices that include rotating crops to improve soil fertility and incorporating minimum tillage practices to reduce water movement, erosion, fuel consumption and labour.

Fighting Food Waste

Here at Kingsmill we are passionate about reducing food waste – we’ve been working with Fare Share since 2016 to make sure good food doesn’t go to waste, but you can do your bit too. Did you know that every year in the UK, we throw away a third of the food we buy, most of which could be eaten? Love Food Hate Waste is a campaign from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to help us cut back on wasting food. Kingsmill supports this campaign and here are our tips for keeping your Kingsmill fresh here.

Want to save some for later?
Easy peasy just check your bag is sealed and pop it in the freezer. Rolls and bakery snacks can be stored for 1 month and  bread will last for 3 months. Freezing your spare slices is a super easy way to cut down on food waste and means you’re always stocked up for emergency toast cravings and instant packed lunches!

What happens tothe crusts from Kingsmill No Crusts?
The crusts are cut off the bread after baking and then turned into nutritious animal feed, so nothing goes to waste.

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AquAid and Kingsmill Elephant Pump

‘In our offices we’ve chosen to invest in water coolers from AquAid who are passionate about making a difference to those who need it most. For every water cooler bought, a donation is made to The Africa Trust, who are helping build Elephant Pumps (fresh drinking water wells) in communities across Africa to provide life-giving water to thousands of people every day. One such pump has been installed in Africa on our behalf – you can see the photo to the left.

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